Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Margie Evans - Good Feeling

Been bumping this track for ages and it has never failed me... ever!

Uh.... Uh...UH...

This lady can sang. The real deal. Auto tune, Auto baffoon. All praises to Ms. Margie Evans for gracing our ears to some Good Feeling!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lucy Villa - Lo Importante es Sentir

In the late 60's early 70's when my family made their slow migration from Peru to Los Angeles, one of my first memories of music (outside of all the Huaynitos playing off the Lps they brought from home) was a well known sunday night show called Siempre en Domingo hosted by Raul Velasco. I remember watching it on our black and white tv set and later on the wood panel framed color tv, rabbit ears up as high as possible with our eyes and ears glued to the musical performances. As I remember it the host was always a class act, very smooth and intelligent as he spoke between numbers. Its interesting that I remember him more than the acts... but today is a different story.

Lucy Villa, without a doubt, would have been a definite hit on the show and would have fit perfectly into the flavor of Siempre en Domingo. So without further adieu, as Raul Velasco would have said it " Aun hay mas! Querido publico y los televidentes de hoy en dia, les presento una artista estelar con mucho exito desde el lindo pais de Peru, Lucy Villa con su tema, Lo Importante es Sentir...

(Late night edit) Wow, i guess its not as unique as I thought...but it still holds up, you be the judge. The original version (???) is by Italy's Mina Mazzini and can be seen below.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Driving Ms. Sharon jones

On Sunday, Jan 25, 2009 I had the pleasure of driving the remarkable and outstanding singer and performer, Sharon Jones. I was driving her to an interview she was scheduled to attend at KJAZZ out here in West Los Angeles. My good friend Miles Perlich hosts a show for KJAZZ called United Groove on Saturdays from 10p - 12p. He called me out of the blue with favor and there was now way I was going to turn that down. By the way, Miles' show is the only one, I repeat the only show I know of that gives LA the real taste of funk, raregroove, latin jazz, and whatever Miles brings out of his deep crates. But back to Ms. Jones, she was every bit a lady, a talker, and endless well of energy that she is on stage. I didn't talk much just adding a phrase here and there, I mean who can compete with a stick of dynamite like Sharon! I had a great time driving her and talking. I brought her to the station where she met Miles and took a few picture of them for publicity. I totally forgot to take one of myself but oh many people can say they met Sharon in person and drove her to a show? Thanks Miles!

Long Live Sharon Jones, the new Queen of Soul!


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